Traq features a flexible, easy to use, per-project permission system.

Groups and Roles

There are two sets of permissions in Traq, one for user groups and another for project roles.


Group permissions are pretty self explanatory, they allow or disallow what a group of users can do.


Role permissions are for members of a project, such as managers, developers and testers.

How They Work

Permissions work in a specific way. Role permissions take priority over group permissions.

For example, let's say a user belongs to the group Employee and the role Developer and the Employee group cannot create tickets but the Developer role can.

There is, however, one group that cannot be limited, the Admin group. The system is designed to allow Admins to do everything.

Private Projects

The permission system makes it very easy to create private projects.

The best way is to set all group permissions to Deny, then add users to a group or role with the permissions you want to grant them.