Install and Upgrade


Installing Traq 4.0 is the same as previous versions.

You will need to setup a database for Traq to use before the installation.

  1. Download Traq 4.0 and extract the archive.
  2. Upload the contents of the upload directory to your server.
  3. Open the URL to Traq in your browser.
  4. Follow the installation steps.
  5. Rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess in the root directory of Traq.

From the repository

Installing Traq 4.0 from the repository is trickier than previous versions. You will need Composer, Node, NPM and Gulp.

  1. Clone the repository: git clone
  2. Install dependencies: composer install
  3. Setup dev directory: cd dev && npm install
  4. Compile assets: gulp compile

This change was made to keep the repository clean and remove 3rd party code. There are plans to setup a repository to contain the "compiled" Traq 4.0.


Not yet relevant.