Traq 3.7.0 released

It's been a while since Traq 3.6 was released, and is on record as being the longest running release with zero bugs reported. I am happy to release Traq 3.7.

Changes in Traq v3.7.0 include:

  • Ticket time management
  • Password migration prompt

When logging in to Traq 3.7, any user that has a SHA1 hashed password will be prompted update their password which will then be encrypted with bcrypt.

This is due to support for SHA1 passwords being dropped in Traq 4.1 and any user with a SHA1 hashed password after that will need to go through the password reset process before they can login.

It's time for some documentation

The documentation for Traq 3.x is pretty basic, this however won't be the case for Traq 4.0.

The documentation for Traq 4.0 has already been started and by the time there is a stable release of 4.0, the documentation should be quite extensive.